We founded polyola with the vision to change the way surfboards are made, through material innovation.

In collaboration with our research partners, we have developed a new, more sustainable, high – quality polyurethane foam core for surfboards (blank) that can be 100 % recycled, which we take responsibility for.The material is based on recycled material already and 100 % sourced and produced in Europe for the European market.

Dirigeant : Aristide SCHOENDIENST
Année de création : 2020
Nombre de salariés : 2

Contacter l'entreprise

Site web : https://polyola.com/
Tél. : +33 (0)6 73 32 79 16
E-mail : aristide@polyola.com
Adresse : 4, rue du Lazaret - 64600 Anglet - France
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