Specialized in the distribution of surfing equipement. The strategy was to create a Surf Hardware Distribution with selective and premuim brand.

With 350 customers in France and 23 distributors in Europe, SURFlounge is now one of the most representative company of the European Surfing Industry.

Based in Hossegor (Southewest of France), this strategic location, closed to one’s of the best beach breaks in the world give us the opportunity to test and to improve the the develpoment of the best surfing products. All the staff, Products Manager, Sales Representative, Accountant, Distributors are surfers and also passionate by water sports and products improvments. We understand the importance of being up to date with all of the industry news as well as having a very high level of product and surf knowledge.

Année de création : 2013
Nombre de salariés : 2

Contacter l'entreprise

Site web : https://www.surflounge.fr/
Tél. : +33 (0)5 58 48 91 06
E-mail : herve@surflounge.fr
Adresse : 455 avenue du Pascouaou - 40150 Soorts-Hossegor - France
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