In 2007, after lacking realistic Action Sports videogames for years, Michael Jégat and Thomas Casamayou founded Intellysurf out of their Anglet home. Since then, Intellysurf has saved the days of thousands of die-hard surfers, bodyboarders, freeskiers or snowboarders from all around the world. How that? By providing them with free and ultra-realistic multi-player online videogames to have fun enjoying their favorite sports when they are unable to ride their boards outside!

Dirigeant : Michael JEGAT
Année de création : 2007

Contacter l'entreprise

Site web : http://www.youriding.com
Tél. : +33 (0)5 59 43 78 82
E-mail : contact@youriding.com
Adresse : Olatu Leku - 100 avenue de l'Adour - 64600 Anglet - France
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