Action sports fans: who are they?
Orateur : Julien VIVIER

In a day and age where everything changes increasingly quickly from expectations and fashion to means of communication but also the tools and channels for communication, it seems essential to take try and paint a detailed picture to understand the links between people and our Action Sports industry.

The “Action Sports Fans: who are they?” study was carried out in late August 2018 in 5 key countries (France, Germany, UK, Spain and Portugal) with 2 population samples for each country (the general population and people who practice one or more Action Sports).The objective was to establish a global view of how are industry is perceived by the masses but also to get the perspective of our core customer target base.

This study will help us better understand our targets, their social and demographic profiles as well as their behaviour, how they perceive and experience our brands and what they expect from us…