The CSR commitment of the Action Sports industry
Orateurs : Aymeric DE RORTHAYS , Jules TRECCO , Daniel GUNTSCHNIG , Thibaut HAEGDORENS , Julien MARTEL

In today’s context of transitioning towards more sustainable models, it has become a necessity for businesses to commit to the environment.

Since 2001, Europe and France have gradually established and developed Corporate Social Responsibility legislation, rules and regulations, which include the concepts of governance, human rights, working relations and conditions, sustainability, the environment, customer relations and local development. Today, the younger generations are driving companies to look ahead and guarantee that their existence genuinely serves a purpose.

CSR policies can be implemented in all types of businesses, regardless of status, size or type of activity.

And because theory is nothing without real-world implementation, we will take the time to have a look at what people are really doing and how their companies are indeed genuinely responsible.