Presentation of the Surf Summit 2022


Be like water making its way through cracks. Do not be assertive, but adjust to the object, and you shall find a way around or through it. If nothing within you stays rigid, outward things will disclose themselves.”

As in the inspirational words of Bruce Lee, our water element brings us back to our ability to adapt and rise to the current challenges we face in this period of instability we are experiencing.

This year, the European Action Sports Industry’s association has chosen to explore the concept of balance for its next Surf Summit: How can we reach better balance in our lives for our teams and in our careers? How can we reach performance while ensuring a sustainable future for ourselves, our natural environments and our planet?

The 2022 Surf Summit is a chance for you and for all your teams to find new ideas, take a breath and recharge. It will also provide the opportunity for all our businesses to enact and implement necessary changes to remain competitive and shift into the required social and environmental transition.

Whether they are athletes, entrepreneurs, scientists, pro riders or business leaders, our speakers will share their experience, their passion and their commitment with you.



The 2022 Surf Summit 2022 is already set to be an exciting event.

We are extremely and impatiently looking forward hearing legendary Australian surfer and shaper Maurice Cole for his presentation. He will tell us about his journey and discuss the industry’s evolution over the past 40 years.

Another amazing presentation will be given by Arthur Guerin-Boëri, world champion freediver. He will talk about the element of water and the art of holding your breath. He will also cover key issues such as taking risks, pushing your limits, personal achievement and current environmental stakes.

The conference will, as always, include debates and round tables on current key economic issues. One round table led by industry key leaders will focus on the UK market. The question of circularity in apparel will also be raised in another round table with business leaders who want to see things change.

It goes without saying that there will also be presentations regarding the current climate emergency situation, which remains one of our key priorities.



Last but not least, the Surf Summit also offers participants the opportunity to discover the latest innovations in Action Sports with the Surfing Lounge exhibit.

The conference is open to all managers, employees and collaborators with a fixed price per company and no limitation for number of participants per company.