The company

ka' nalu prod is a video/photo production agency, in the world of snow sports.

We are currently working on a web series that brings together our passions: the ocean, surfing and cinema. The concept is to produce creative, original and offbeat video content.

For each short film, we put in scene a surfer, pro or semi-pro, incarnating a character, in a more or less delirious situation. The objective is to entertain and share beautiful images of surfing.

Discover our different episodes here.

We are looking for ways to financially support the project and develop this series.
Today, the project is 100% participatory. All the companies and collaborators work voluntarily on the productions. This synergy and dynamics need to be valued and perpetuated by financial support. 

We also produce promotional videos for companies through an associated structure: See more here

You need to present your activity, your brand, your concept, in image? Do not hesitate to contact me.

Check out my 2019 Sowreel here

Manager : Franck LAPUYADE
Year of creation : 2014

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Site web :
Tél. : +33 (0)6 63 13 82 14
E-mail :
Adresse : 146, avenue d'Eysines - 33200 Bordeaux - France
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