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My-Sessions is an intermediation web platform dedicated to board photography. Its goal is to make the link between riders and photographers in a simple and efficient way. We create this link through technology and our unique process based on facial recognition.

On the one hand, riders register on the site with a simple selfie. On the other hand, the photographers propose a photo of each rider they have photographed and the platform makes them proposals (or matches) among the registered riders. Once the match is validated, they can send the photos of the rider.

The advantages are numerous, starting with the riders who no longer have to search for their photos everywhere (social networks, photographers' personal websites...). With us, they are notified by email each time they publish a new session, and that changes everything.

For the photographers, it is also very advantageous, they can reach the whole line-up by simply using their photos. They expand their market potential while gaining efficiency, time and motivation. Thanks to our process, they don't work blind anymore, they know before they start sorting or editing if their pictures will be seen. We also give them maximum independence, they manage their shoots and their prices. And we are open to both amateur and professional photographers.

Using My-Sessions allows them to focus on their core business (or passion) photography. By taking care of the contacts and the associated exchanges (often to their disadvantage), the management of the files, the secure payment...

The use of the platform is free for all, we take a commission on sales only which is clearly indicated when photographers indicate their price for each session published.

The goal of My-Sessions in making the link is to structure a market with a very strong demand, but not organized or in need of a viable solution.
And the possibilities based on the link are very numerous, starting with the exploration of other activities. Currently, we are oriented surfing, because the link is the most complicated to achieve.

The craze for our solution is real, today more than 3,100 people have created an account and we are going to reach 1000 sales for an opening in August 2020.
Surfers love its simplicity, as do the photographers who use it.

Joining EuroSIMA is a real opportunity to develop our solution through its specialized network. We look forward to giving you a more complete presentation, and to discussing possible synergies with our members.

Manager : Bertrand DELAVEAU
Year of creation: 2018

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Tél. : +33 (0)6 42 24 18 47
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Adresse : 33, avenue du Maréchal Leclerc - 40130 Capbreton - France
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