The company

At ido-data, we use Internet of Things and digital technologies to co-construct innovative alert solutions with partners who are experts in their fields.
Alert solutions that aim to prevent risks & reinforce security.
Our approach and DNA are based on an iterative design resulting from a close collaboration with our customers and/or partners. Together, we develop our business expertise as well as our knowledge of markets and uses.
We implement innovative technologies in which we seek to integrate the relevant added values proposed by research laboratories. Our partners are stakeholders in the development of the business strategy.

In partnership with the SNSM and Philippe Starck, we have developed DIAL, our first alert solution.

Manager : Yannick TOCQUET
Year of creation : 2016
Number of employees: 3

Contact the company

Site web :
Tél. : +33 (0)4 28 29 61 45
E-mail :
Adresse : 44, Avenue Paul Kruger - 69100 Villeurbanne - France
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