EUROSIMA sponsors 2 startups

For the 5th year, EUROSIMA will sponsor 2 young companies willing to be accompanied by experienced business leaders. The winners, Sealocker and Kahe Surf, had the opportunity to pitch to business leaders and employees of the surf industry during the Surf Summit.

SealockerSealocker is the brainchild of three engineers with a passion for surfing who have created an application for renting surfboards and testing boards before buying them in partnership with local professionals (surfshops and shapers). By 2022, Sealocker wants to offer a simplified access to outdoor sports enthusiasts and respond to transportation constraints by offering connected lockers closer to the places of practice.

On his side, Kahe Surf offers electrically assisted boards (surf, bodyboard, SUP, rescue board...) whose objective is to multiply the capacities of a board without altering the practice of surfing. This easy and intuitive product is accessible to all. It has an embedded intelligence which allows to regain the peak without effort, to facilitate the duck or the take-off. Kahe surf is also working on making this technology available in a plug&play package to equip a paddle, a kayak, an inflatable stand-up, a boat dinghy...

These 2 companies will benefit from a personalized support from EUROSIMA during 1 year which should allow them to make themselves known, to benefit from key advices and to develop their network in order to optimize their potential and to accelerate their projects.