EUROSIMA sponsors 2 startups

For the5th year in a row, EUROSIMA will be sponsoring 2 new businesses that wish to learn from experienced professionals. The winners, Sealocker and Kahe Surf pitched their project to the Action Sports industry during the Surf Summit.

SealockerSealocker, is a team of 3 engineers who share a passion for surfing. They created an app for users to rent and/or try out boards (prior to purchase) in partnership with local surf shops and shapers. Their target for 2022 is to offer a simplified access to the connected lockers as close to spots as possible.

Kahe Surf offers electric boards (surfboards, body boards, SUP, rescue boards...) with the objective of enhancing the board's capabilities, without removing or altering the sensation or nature of surfing. The product is intuitive and easy to use, therefore an option for all. The boards are equipped with onboard technology that provides electric assistance for easier rides. For instance, it helps the rider to reach the line-up effortlessly, duck-dive easily or enable a smoother take-off. Kahe surf is also working on a plug & play technology for paddle boards, kayaks, inflatable SUP boards or other boating vessels...

Both companies will enjoy personalized assistance and support for a full year as well as consulting and key advice in order to develop their network, maximize potential and boost the project.