Accompanies companies companies since 1999

Birth of SIMA in the United States

Why? To control the divergent currents resulting from the explosion of this market.
How do we do this? By federating and structuring the surf brands to allow them to evolve together while respecting the "boardriding spirit".

Creation of the European SIMA: EuroSIMA

Why? Because the European market is expanding rapidly.
Why? Thanks to the union of 5 founding brands: Rip Curl, Billabong, Quiksilver, Rusty, Gotcha and Hoff.

The European surf industry association opens up to all boardsports

Why? Because the values of snowboarding are shared by other disciplines such as skating and snowboarding. Because the values of sliding are shared by other disciplines such as skateboarding and snowboarding.
How did we achieve this? First, by creating the Mountain Division.

Birth of the sliding cluster

Why? Because sliding is a strong sector in Aquitaine.
Why? At that time, the State mobilized funds to develop clusters. These clusters bring together the players in a given sector of activity in a given territory: public authorities, manufacturers, research laboratories and training establishments.

Merger of the sliding cluster and EuroSIMA

Why is this? This public-private partnership allows EuroSIMA to considerably expand its field of action.
How can it do so? By developing projects in areas such as innovation, R&D, training, employment and sustainable development.

EuroSIMA is recognized as a cluster by the French government

Why is it so important? For its actions in favor of the competitiveness of boardsports companies in Europe.
How is it done? Through a financial support of 200 000 € over 3 years.

EuroSIMA is restructured and becomes the association of water and urban sports action

Why? Because its Mountain Division joined the Outdoor Sports Valley. EuroSIMA then decided to federate new board sports.
How did it do this? By welcoming kite surfing, windsurfing, stand up paddling, skateboarding, etc. among its members.

Our missions

EuroSIMA's vocation is to federate the boardsports companies and to promote their authenticity.

Our non-profit association is neutral and fair in representing your interests, whatever your size and turnover. We guide you towards innovation and accompany your economic development. We help you to strengthen your skills and optimize your human resources.

Our Services

You want to connect with with your peers or with other
players in the snowboarding industry?

We set up networking events (Waterman's Ball, Aloha'péro), we created a company directory to facilitate interactions between companies and service providers and we organize collaborative meetings (CEO Lunch, Emerging companies).

Are you looking to be to be seen, followed, understood?

We create events and communication actions to promote the industry, its territories, its companies, its actors, its innovative products (Surfing Lounge, Industry awards, Universities network).

You like to Discovering, learning, progressing?

We regularly organize events and seminars (Design Summer Camp, Surf Summit), meetings (HR Breakfasts) and training sessions (ADEC, Reach, etc.) aimed at developing the skills of the players and employees in our industry.

You dream of New territories ?

We create structuring territorial projects in collaboration with local authorities: Olatu in Anglet, Pédebert in Hossegor, Ocean Experiences in Saint-Jean-de-Luz.

We support your growth: assistance in setting up a business, sponsorship, support for innovation or sustainable development, and export assistance.

We help you in your search for financing.

We assist you in recruiting new talent.

We also offer mutualized services: company mutual insurance, telephony, parcel delivery, purchase of market research, provision of meeting rooms, vehicle rental, etc.

A team at your service

Franck Laporte-Fauret

Franck est le Directeur de l’association. Il s’occupe de la structure juridique et administrative de l’association.

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Christophe Seiller
Executive Director

Christophe est le Directeur de l’association. Il s’occupe de la promotion de la filière en Europe ainsi que des liens entre toutes les entreprises et partenaires.

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Zoë Zadouroff
Responsable Marketing

Zoë est la Responsable Marketing d’EuroSIMA. Elle développe la stratégie marketing & communication de l’association, conçoit et aide à organiser les événements internes et externes.

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Romain Ferrand
Coordinateur des médias et des relations publiques

Romain est le coordinateur des médias et des relations publiques de l’association. Il crée les campagnes de relations publiques qui peuvent inclure l’organisation et la coordination d’événements EuroSIMA, la mise en place d’entretiens avec les médias pour les dirigeants de l’association, ainsi que la rédaction et la distribution de communiqués de presse.

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Juline Baboulène
Coordinatrice de la communication

Juline est la coordinatrice de la communication de l’association. Elle est responsable d’assurer une communication efficace, à la fois en interne et en externe, pour promouvoir la mission, les événements et les projets de EuroSIMA.

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The EuroSIMA Board

Jean-Louis Rodrigues
President EUROSIMA

Board member since 2007

Emilie Souvras
Global General Manager at Roxy and EMEA Head of Retail at Boardriders

Vice President-Treasurer of EUROSIMA and member of the Board since 2016

Joost Grootswagers
Managing Director of Volcom Europe

Vice President-Secretary EUROSIMA and member of the Board since 2016

Matthieu Lefin
Managing Director of Rip Curl Europe

Board member since 2019

Wilco Prins
Co-founder of Town & Country Surf Designs Europe

Honorary member of EUROSIMA, former President of EUROSIMA and member of the Board since 2011

Rémi Forsans
Project Manager for Territorial Marketing at Grand Annecy

Honorary member of EUROSIMA and member of the Board since 2005

Patrick Giraudon
General Manager of Arva and Nic Impex and President of Outdoor Sports Valley

OSV representative and board member since 2019

Nicolas Dazet
Director of Daz-Hub and Marketing Director of Ocean52

Board member since 2017

Stephen Bell
Managing Director of EUROGLASS

Board member since 2020

Darren Broadbridge
Onbroad / Pure Surf Camps

Board member since 2019

Frédéric Bouchet
Managing Director of Napco Europe

Board member since 2019

Matthieu Guyonnaud
Start-up & Action Sports Consultant at

Board member since 2019

Kévin Lestrade
Managing Director of Bythewave Technologies

Board member since 2019

Juan Gonzalez-Vega
General Manager of Moskova

Board member since 2009

Marc Farhat
General Manager of Hoff Distribution

Member of the Board from 2010 to 2013, and since 2019

Miky Picon

Board member since 2014

Philippe Sirech
Managing Director of Unleashed Mag and Spotyride

Board member since 2019

Nicholas Lartizien
General Manager of Surf Hardware International Europe

Board member since 2008

Emmanuel Debruères
CEO of Oxbow

Board member since 2020

They are part of the #eurosimafamily