CIRCULAR ECONOMY & CSR WORKSHOP: Environmental Communication

Environmental communication

I have done my carbon assessment, I have built an action plan to reduce my GHG emissions, now how to value it and especially how to communicate?

It is perfectly legitimate and even fundamental for an organization to communicate on its environmental approach, but some choose to remain silent. Indeed, a company accused of greenwashing will have to face multiple consequences on its reputation as well as on its employer brand.

The French declare that protecting the environment and fighting climate change are among their top concerns, but they remain wary of the many misleading communications from certain organizations.

Pourtant, le développement durable est une des valeurs montantes en communication. Il est donc indispensable de comprendre les enjeux, de connaître les bonnes pratiques et de se poser les bonnes questions pour réduire les risques d’être critiqué sur les réseaux sociaux, d’être attaqué auprès du jury de déontologie publicitaire mais aussi de se voir poursuivi en justice pour pratique commerciale trompeuse.


It is in a context of necessity of progress towards more sustainable development, circular economy and CSR, that EUROSIMA approached the company OB ENVIRONNEMENT in order to propose to its members a series of 2 workshops to sensitize them and accompany them towards this progress. These 2 workshops are free of charge and accessible to all EUROSIMA members who have paid their membership fees and have registered for these workshops.

>> I participate to the workshops / obligation to register before the workshop



Olivier BARRIERE, Consultant in sustainable development at OB Environnement 

I founded OB Environnement in 2009 with the ambition to share my knowledge, my convictions and my desire to transmit by proposing conferences, projects and innovative services. Having worked in the scientific research sector, in the private sector and in NGOs, my career path has given me a cross-sectional vision of the ecological and societal issues we are facing.

As a lecturer specialized in the field of water, this subject occupies an important place in my interventions. Sustainable development is a rich subject, so I propose a wide range of conferences and projects. I also accompany you in your eco-startup. Deeply convinced of the necessity to create bridges between all the actors of our society, OB Environnement is a catalyst for your projects.

OB Environnement is a range of services in the field of sustainable development.

  • Conferences on the theme of sustainable development
  • Carrying out your Bilan Carbone® assessment
  • Awareness of your teams
  • Support for your environmental initiatives
  • Customized projects




Schedule and format:

  • From 9:30 am to 11:30 am
  • CRÉALUZ, Avenue de Jalday, Saint-Jean-de-Luz et en visio-conférence
  • 1h30 workshop and 30 minutes of debates and exchanges




  • Workshops available free of charge to all paid-up EUROSIMA members
  • Workshops available by registration only
>> I participate to the workshops / obligation to register before the workshop



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