Jean-Louis Rodrigues re-elected as President of EUROSIMA

On Friday, July 2, about 60 guests attended the General Assembly of EUROSIMA. Members, partners and administrators of the European board sports industry association met on Friday afternoon at the Bistro Balnéaire in Soorts-Hossegor to review the association's activities, approve its development projects and elect its President and Board of Directors.


A renewed President and Board of Directors

As every 2 years, EUROSIMA members were invited to approve the Board of Directors of the association and its President. Jean-Louis Rodrigues, President of EUROSIMA for the last 2 years, was unanimously re-elected. The members of the Board of Directors who had accompanied him when he became President of the association all renewed their mandate with the exception of one member, whose professional constraints no longer allow him to devote the necessary time to the Board of Directors of the association. " The representation of all segments and sizes of companies is very important to me within EUROSIMA, and I would like to continue to work alongside a Board of Directors that is representative of the European Action Sports sector," insisted Jean-Louis Rodrigues.


A year 2020 synonymous with mobilization

Since March 17, 2020, the date of thefirst containment due to the Covid-19 pandemic, EUROSIMA has mobilized for the companies of the Action Sports sector by listening to their needs, advising them and bringing their voice to the governmental and regional authorities.

Very early on, the association approached public partners, professional associations and sports federations to support the massive support measures needed for the Action Sports sector. The association has focused its efforts on 4 areas: preserving the health of employees, supporting companies, restoring economic activity and returning to the practice of sports.

The France Relance plan to support companies in the economic recovery launched by the Government has allowed several companies members of the association (Oxbow, Napco, Hoff Distribution ...) to benefit from several hundred thousand euros to invest in innovation projects, eco-design, energy and digital transition, CSR, circular economy or relocation of production.


A strategic alliance to serve companies

It is in this context of economic crisis that EUROSIMA approached the UNION sport & cycle to bring the voice of companies in the world of Action Sports to the national authorities. From this fruitful collaboration was born an alliance between the two associations.

Since last March, the first professional organization of the sport and leisure sector and the European association of boardsports companies have decided to join forces within the framework of a 2-year strategic agreement.

As of this year, companies that are members of EUROSIMA will benefit from a dual membership of EUROSIMA-UNION sport & cycle with the aim of providing a wider range of services to the members of both associations (legal advice, regulatory and normative monitoring, studies on the practice of sport, etc.) and tohave more weight and influence with the public authorities

EUROSIMA and the UNION sport & cycle have already begun major joint projects: the application of the anti-waste law for a circular economy (which provides for the creation of an Extended Producer Responsibility channel dedicated to sports and leisure articles), and the revival of economic activity, notably via the France Relance plan.


The challenges of this new mandate

"The sliding industry is now on a good track and it is essential to perpetuate it. It benefits from a positive consumer image and despite the economic shocks linked to Covid-19, we are stronger than 2-3 years ago. The good results of the previous summer season demonstrate this and the 2021 season promises to be just as dynamic," said Jean-Louis Rodrigues.

EUROSIMA's strong actions will be perpetuated and the association's program of activities will be optimized to focus on several priority and strategic areas for the action sports sector.

Sustainable development and Corporate Social Responsibility will be among the key themes of this new mandate (implementation of an Extended Producer Responsibility channel, training program on the circular economy, support for the digitization of collection catalogs, etc.).

Supporting the relocation and structuring of production units in Europe will be one of the association's major challenges.

Training and employment will be major areas of focus for the association with the continuation of its shared training program, which ensures an increase in the skills of employees and the development of the competitiveness of companies.

Supporting the economic and international development of startups will also be one of the association's priorities.

The territorial anchoring and the collaboration with institutional partners will be perpetuated in order to ensure the creation of new jobs in the sector on the territory of New Aquitaine and the success of the reception infrastructures (extension of the ZA Pédebert in Soorts-Hossegor and relaunch of the business incubator project, opening of the Créaluz Creative Hall in Saint-Jean-de-Luz, development of a slide activity zone in Lacanau...).

Economic intelligence with the pooling of market studies and the setting up of thematic webinars with EUROSIMA's partners such as Outdoor Sports Valley, FESI or the UNION sport & cycle, will be key actions in the 2021 program.

Finally, professional events such as the EUROSIMA Surf Summit, the Beach Party, the Waterman's Ball as well as workshops and bootcamps will be promoted to encourage networking and skills development.




The Board of Directors

Jean-Louis Rodrigues, President EUROSIMA

Emilie Souvras, Vice President-Treasurer EUROSIMA and Head of Retail EMEA at Boardriders

Joost Grootswagers, Vice President-Secretary of EUROSIMA and Managing Director of Volcom Europe

Mathieu Lefin, Managing Director of Rip Curl Europe

Wilco Prins, EUROSIMA Honorary Member and co-founder of Town & Country Surf Designs Europe

Rémi Forsans, EUROSIMA Honorary Member and Territorial Marketing Project Manager for Greater Annecy

Patrick Giraudon, President of Outdoor Sports Valley


The Board of Directors

Nicolas Dazet, Director of Daz-Hub and Marketing Director of Ocean52

Stephen Bell, Managing Director of Euroglass

Darren Broadbridge, Onbroad / Sales Manager at Pure Surf Camps

Frédéric Bouchet, Managing Director of Napco Europe

Matthieu Guyonnaud, in charge of partnerships at

Kevin Lestrade, General Manager of Bythewave Technologies

Juan Gonzalez-Vega, General Manager of Moskova

Marc Farhat, General Manager of Hoff Distribution

Miky Picon, Quiksilver Global Sports Marketing Surf

Philippe Sirech, General Manager of Spotyride

Nicholas Lartizien, Managing Director of Surf Hardware International Europe

Emmanuel Debruères, President of Oxbow