As a child, Arthur developed strong ties to the aquatic world in his hometown of Nice and in nearby Corsica. That is when he initially discovered freediving. His career as a freediver started later, at 26 years old and since then, he has claimed 5 world titles and 8 world records.

In 2016, he was the first to reach the symbolic and impressive depth of 300m in dynamic freediving, an all-time record in the sport. A year later, he set the first world record for under ice freediving with only his wetsuit and a monofin, reaching a depth of 175m.

In March 2020, Arthur sought out to reach the double world record of under ice dynamic apnea freediving, swimming breast stroke. In 2021, he set the record in the field with his wetsuit, at 120m. Then, last March, in Morrison Quary, Quebec, he swam 105m in breast stroke, but this time with no wetsuit, wearing just a simple brief swimsuit.

Once again, it was an all-time record and the performance made headlines in France and all around the world. Today, he has become the most decorated French freediver in the history of the sport.

Relying on his experience and his stature, Arthur has turned towards sharing his journey and raising awareness about the beauty and values of his sport through demanding audio-visual productions that are both moving and in which human adventure merges with athletic feats.

In addition, Arthur also works as a conference speaker, focusing on themes such as pushing one's limits, stress management, taking risks, self confidence...He also offers breathing workshops for relaxation, namely for stress management. These workshops, which are open to all, are directly inspired from his own training methods, which have enabled him to push boundaries in his sport and his daily life.

Arthur discovered freediving during his childhood, where he was already very close to the aquatic element, which he encountered in his hometown, Nice, or in Corsica where he lived as a child. He started his freediving career in 2011 at the age of 26. Since then, he has accumulated 5 world championship titles, and 8 world records.

In 2016, he was the first to reach the symbolic 300m mark in dynamic freediving, the absolute world record for the discipline. In 2017, he set a first world record for freediving under ice, with his suit and single fin, at 175m.

In March 2020, Arthur starts the project of a double world record attempt in freediving under ice with breaststroke. In March 2021, he signed the new world record in this discipline, with his suit, at 120m. Then, on March 8, in the Morrison quarry in Quebec, he swam 105m, still breaststroke, but this time without a wetsuit, wearing a simple swimsuit.

This is an absolute record for the discipline. This performance was widely reported in the French and international media. He is now the most successful Frenchman in the history of freediving.

With his experience and stature, Arthur turns to sharing and seeks to make the public aware of the beauty and values of his discipline, in demanding and sensitive audio-visual productions, where human adventure is combined with sporting achievement.

At the same time, he is a regular speaker on topics such as self-improvement, stress management, risk-taking, self-confidence... He also offers practical workshops on relaxation through breathing, particularly for stress management, which are accessible to all and are directly derived from his own training methods, allowing him to surpass himself in his discipline and in his daily life.

In 2017, he released his first book Le Bien-Être Sous l'Eau, followed in 2018 by his first feature film Aquae Rex.