After several years working in Board Sports sales (skateboarding, skiing, snowboarding) in Belgium and in the Alps, Thibaut Haegdorens became a commercial agent for several snowboarding brands (Skullcandy, Bataleon Snowboards, Union Bindings, Celtek, Nomis...). He then shifted into in the surfing world with brands like Lib Tech or O'Neill. In late 2019, he dove into a new project: a workshop that specializes in neoprene wetsuit repairs through the company Neo Workshop and its website The workshop officially opened its doors in June of this year. 


About Reparetacombi

Reparetacombi is a workshop that specializes in providing high quality neoprene repair services for wetsuits. The workshop endeavours to work as closely as possible to the wetsuit's original manufacturing techniques: putting in a new zipper, changing the collar, replacing a panel...sewing up lose stitches.

The workshop is equipped with 4 industrial sewing machines, specifically designed to work with neoprene, blind stitches, flatlocks, etc. Reparetacombi caters to professionals (surf shops for their customers) and the public at large, with all-inclusive solutions for both. Services include repair as well as back and forth delivery fees. Repairs orders are placed through an online form on the website( or by going in to a local partner shop(Store Locator).

After several years' experience selling board sports equipment (skateboards, skis, snowboards) in Belgium and the Alps, Thibaut Haegdorens started out as a sales agent for various snowboard brands (Skullcandy, Bataleon Snowboards, Union Bindings, Celtek, Nomis...), then specialized in the world of surfing (Lib Tech, O'Neill...). At the end of 2019, he launched a project for a neoprene repair workshop specializing in wetsuits, which he formalized the following year with the creation of the company Neo Workshop / The workshop officially opens in June 2021.


About Reparetacombi

Reparetacombi is a repair shop specializing in high-end neoprene for water sports. The workshop offers repairs based as closely as possible on the original construction of a wetsuit: new replacement of a zip, collar, panel, bib... repair of a seam. The workshop is equipped with 4 industrial sewing machines specially prepared for neoprene, Blindstitch, flatlock seams... Reparetacombi offers a turnkey service to individuals, professionals (surfshops for their customers), clubs and schools, and brands (after-sales service) throughout France, including repair and return transport. The repair service is available by quotation( or by visiting one of their partners near you(Store Locator).