Production Manager (M/F)


Job description

Under the authority of the Development and Sourcing Manager, the Production Manager is responsible for validating products for the start of production - and is required to carry out quality controls at our manufacturers.

ASSIGNMENT: Clothing sector - Design and Production Office

JOB DESCRIPTION : Development and Sourcing Manager

ACTIVITIES (set of tasks of the same nature) AND TASKS (typical operations determining the work flow):

  • Pre-production:
    • Participates in the fittings of the pre-collections
    • Identify the emergencies to be treated in agreement with the production manager (cf. purchasing dates)
    • Follows factory set sample commands
    • Controls and comments:
    • Size set sample factory on a standard format and in a given timing
    • Weighs the sms and lists the weights
    • Measurement of the size set sample
    • Update PLM / PLM commentary
    • Ships size set sample to factories for reference
    • Order the PPS factory
    • Receives ACPs
    • Controls the PPS (Measure/shape/Bom/drawing)
    • Collaborates with the workshop on the validation of the ACP process
    • Comment in PLM / PLM teak pack generation
    • Sending PPS commentary to factories within 48 hours of receipt
    • Ships PPS to factories
    • Keeps track of the receipt and validation of ACPs
  • Quality controls at our manufacturers
    • Reviews the complete technical file and reference documents
    • After reception and control by the factories of the raw materials and the subcontracted products, answers the problems raised during these controls (differences in color/quantity, material defects, missing parts, ...)
    • Isolate non-conforming or suspect products and report the information to the Textile Production Manager for decision making
    • Validates the correct application of the manufacturing instructions
    • Verifies compliance of manufacturing and rules, procedures
    • Carries out control statements (aspect / dimensions...)
    • Writes daily visit reports
  • In-line manufacturing:
    • Enforces the manufacturing instructions according to DT and instructions
    • Validates that the labels of the specifications (DT / component parts list) are well applied
    • Controls the weight of the down and its even distribution (DT/down nomenclature)
  • Final check:
    • Carry out control statements (aspect / dimensions...) according to DT and instructions
    • Carry out the final control: number of pieces in relation to the batch
    • Establishes the inspection report for release or not of the batch
    • Controls the conformity of the parts on the production site (factories abroad)
    • Detects quality problems and resolves them with the validation of the production manager
    • Ensures communication between the different departments Approval/development/ADV
    • Analyzes the control reports of the manufacturer's tests (lab tests)
    • Informs suppliers and processors of disputes

Profile required

  • Training in the field of textiles and clothing: BTS level
  • Technical Skills:
    • Computer skills (Internet, Excel, Word...).
    • Daily use of the PLM tool
    • Mastery of the technical language of textiles
    • Technical knowledge of textile products
    • Creation of technical specifications from a prototype
    • Mastery of production tools
  • Know-how
    • Team spirit: ability to listen, take into account opinions, availability and taste for teamwork, flexibility
    • Ability to analyze and synthesize, to translate problems and to transmit accurate and clear information
    • Strength of conviction and argumentation
  • Experience required: 2 to 5 years in a similar position



SAFETY (Risks related to the position) : Road risk while traveling.

SPECIFIC CHARACTERISTICS (Travel, schedules, work in 3 shifts...) :

  • Travels in France and abroad.
  • Daytime work - 35 hours       


Developer, buyer

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