Maurice REBEIX

Globe-trotter, mountaineer and climbing companion of Patrick Edlinger, marathon runner, friend of many surf legends, Maurice Rebeix is a photographer particularly acknowledged for his cultural approach to Hawaiian surf­ing. But, for the last 25 years, he has also extensively visited Lakota Sioux reservations of North America. In 1999, although being a non-Indian, he is given permission to participate in the Sun Dance on the Rosebud reserva­tion of South Dakota. Since then, each summer, he faithfully takes part in this four-day annual ritual which celebrates life and requires both a personal commit­ment and a physical sacrifice. Influenced by this adopted culture and its teachings, today Maurice shares his experience with others through seminars and conferences where he shares the philosophy and moral values of a traditional culture and spirituality in which every living being is part of one big family : the Family of Life !