Pascal Monfort is the founder of REC trends marketing, which provides consulting for key players in the fashion, sports and beauty industries.

With a solid background in youth culture, having spent 10 years at Nike as Director of consumer culture and 4 years as Creative Director at Equipe Sport & Style magazine, he is widely recognized as a genuine expert in youth culture, both by the press and by his peers. In addition, for the past 20 years, he has shared his knowledge by teaching sociology and the history of fashion to university students in prestigious Parisian institutions such as HEC, Sciences Po or IFM.

Never one to sit back and relax, he also led various projects in fashion, music and even in football (Le Ballon FC). He also manages two magazines (IN CORPORE SANO in 2019, a biannual wellness magazine and Yummy in 2005, that paid tribute to junk food and design). Last but not least, he has also produced two albums with his group The Shoppings.