The EUROSIMA Association gathered its members on Friday, May 20th in Anglet for its General Assembly. More than 80 people were present and many smiles expressed the joy of meeting in person for a moment of conviviality and sharing on common issues in this post-pandemic period.

2021 was a year of return to face-to-face activity and great networking events for EUROSIMA.

Since the1st containment due to the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020 and throughout 2021, EUROSIMA has been mobilized for the companies of the Action Sports sector. Very early on, our association approached public partners to support the massive support measures needed for our industry (deferral of social and tax deadlines, spreading of debts, short-time working, cancellation of commercial rents from major lessors, etc.). 

The association continued, in close collaboration with institutions, professional associations and sports federations linked to the Sports Action, to build the economic recovery of these different markets, taking into account the safetý and health of employees.

Thanks to the digital tools, we have kept a permanent link with our companies and the EUROSIMA Board of Directors.

EuroSIMA was nevertheless able to carry out in 2021, almost all of its planned actions and in particular its "physical" events, with the exception of the "Forum des Métiers Glisse", which were nevertheless able to be organized outside of the strict or reduced confinement periods. 

Marked by a period of "deconfinement" of the Covid-19, the 2021 summer season has been historic for water sports and outdoor activities, even leading to supply difficulties and even stock-outs. A dream for any shopkeeper, renter or instructor working in the sector. Among these disciplines, surfing, which became an Olympic sport at the Tokyo Olympic Games, is attracting an ever-growing audience along the entire coastline.

In a form of ambient euphoria that contrasts with the global economic situation, the 2021 season has been just as dynamic for coastal stores and service providers (surf schools, rental companies, surf camps, etc. ...). Even if the situation is more contrasted for downtown stores and urban areas, our sports are doing well and e-commerce sales are still growing strongly. The strongest categories remain technical products and accessories, especially wetsuits and foam boards.

A few challenges are slowing down this euphoria, including rising raw material costs, longer lead times and increased transportation costs, but also constraints related to the implementation of Brexit. 

So many subjects that we have dealt with and accompanied with our association in 2021 and since the beginning of the year, in order to anticipate as well as possible the constraints of tomorrow.  

EuroSIMA remains the privileged interlocutor of public partners to identify the needs and expectations of companies in the sector.  

Since 2021, EuroSIMA is the referent of theUnion Sport & Cycle in the regions thanks to the signature of an alliance agreement with this national union of the economic actors of the sport in France, renewed for the year 2022.

When we talk about supporting companies and development projects in the " Sliding - Aquatic activities " carried out in 2021, it was to meet the needs of the companies of our market on the territory to support :

  • The installation of companies 
  • training for young people and increasing the skills of employees in the sector
  • the implementation of a relocated textile production in France
  • technological and environmental innovation related to outdoor sports by promoting the transfer of technologies and innovations from research laboratories to the territory.  

To achieve this, we have focused our efforts on 3 major priority issues over 2021-2023

            - Circular Economy, CSR and ecological transition

            - Digital transformation of companies in the sector

- Employment & Training of employees

Finally, the main challenge remains to reconcile a strong dependence on coastal tourism with industrial projects designed to createjobs while respecting the notions of reducing the environmental impact of our activity on the territory, improving the well-being and quality of life of our employees within the industry through the actions of the EuroSIMA Cluster. 

2022 will be an optimistic year with market performances to be confirmed

Many members can testify to the fact that the New Aquitaine Region has provided substantial financial support as part of the recovery plan for investment projects in the digital transformation of companies and investments in e-commerce, BtoB digital platforms, or R&D innovation.

We have been active and present with MACS to validate the relaunch of the file of the Incubator and the Hotel d'entreprise Glisse et numérique, which will see the light of day at the end of 2024 in the extension of the ZA Pédebert, on a building of 1000 m2 with an outdoor space for events.

The companies FMS and DSL TEX have structured a possibility of relocation of textile production "made in France", for t-shirts, lycras, textile accessories on their workshops of Peyrehorade or Capbreton. Some of our members have already been able to test themselves on limited series.

We are associated with the union of swimmers and lifeguards of the Landes beaches, who asked us to collaborate on a prevention program around the risks of swimming and aquatic practices, following the very busy 2020 season. A communication campaign around messages of ambassadors of our beaches is launched and implemented on social networks since April 2021 and updated for this season 2022. 

A second year of Alliance with the Union Sport et Cycle

 The Union Sport et Cycle is the emanation of several national federations of sports manufacturers that have merged (FIFAS, FPS and Univelo). It represents 1,500 companies and its headquarters are in Paris.

In addition to the Outdoor Sports Commission that we have created and that we regularly lead for the USC, we have an active working group with the USC that has worked on the implementation of the Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) for Sport and Leisure Articles (ASL). This approach aims above all to inform the consumer about the recovery, recycling and circular economy of products at the end of their life, set up by the marketers.

As the EPR ASL sector is part of the anti-waste law for a circular economy (known as AGEC), which is applicable in France since January1, 2022, we had built a training program around the circular economy on 5 major topics, accessible to all your employees in 2021.

Having been a great success with its digital Webinar format, new sessions on CSR themes will be offered this year for our members

The creation of the Wetsuits EUROSIMA commission in 2019 has allowed us to defend the common interests of our industry,a lobbying action is still underway by our association with the European Commission, thanks to our membership in the FESI (Federation of the Sporting Goods Industry) and the tremendous work and involvement of the project manager Etienne Crozet.

As of December 31, 2021, EUROSIMA had 173 members, including 102 manufacturers and distributors and 71 affiliated service providers.



Our objective is to continue the strong actions of our association: 

  • Sustainable Development and CSR, which is part of the essential future of our industry and the necessary ecological transition.
  • The relocation and structuring of production units in Europe.
  • Training and employment to ensure a rise in the skills of our teams and the recruitment of talent.
  • Support for the economic and international development of our emerging companies and start-ups.
  • The territorial anchoring of our sector and the collaboration with our institutional partners, in order to ensure the creation of new jobs in the sector and the success of the reception infrastructures.
  • Economic intelligence with the sharing of market studies, services and webinars with our partners in the outdoor or sports industry such as OSV, the Union Sport et Cycle or the FESI.
  • The professional meetings of the industry by ensuring the continuity and the improvement of our events such as the EUROSIMA Surf Summit, the Waterman's Ball and our workshops .
  • To promote contacts and exchanges with the industrial actors of the Sport and Outdoor industry, by inviting you to participate with us in the annual USC Congress and the MY OSV DAY.
  • To develop the European character of our association and relays with strong countries such as Portugal, Spain, Germany or the UK.