After graduating from the SKEMA Business School with a Master’s Degree in Project Management and Marketing, Thomas Rouault joined Nike in 2004. He started as a marketing project coordinator for Nike ACG and later moved to Nike 6.0. Driven by a passion for mountain sports and digital technology, in 2008 he launched Snowleader, an online store that sells products from street, outdoor and snow sports. Since its creation, Snowleader has grown exponentially with double digit figures, averaging growth rates between 20% and 40% per year, thanks to its ability to offer quality at highly competitive prices, great customer service but also communication and marketing that stands out.

Diplomé d’un Master en Project Management et Marketing à la SKEMA Business School, Thomas Rouault rejoint l’entreprise Nike en 2004 comme coordinateur de projet marketing pour Nike ACG puis Nike 6.0. Ce passionné de sport de montagne et de digital, quitte Nike en 2008 pour lancer le projet Snowleader, un site de vente en ligne d’articles de sports spécialisé dans les univers snow, outdoor et street. Depuis sa création, Snowleader connait une croissance à deux chiffres, de 20% à 40% par an, grâce à une offre qualitative au meilleur prix, un service client exigeant et une communication originale.