The boardsports market within the international sports market


Auteur : NPD Group


Estimation of the size and significance of the boardsports market in comparison to the sports market, and its evolution.

Based on NPD consumer panels, which geographically cover roughly 2/3 of the world sports and boardsports turnover, the “NPD Global Sport Estimate” study offers a snapshot and an international perspective of the boardsports industry (quantified by value: tax inclusive turnover, “cash desk”), with a focus on areas of potential opportunities and growth. This is the only tool able to measure the various flows of actual net sales in sportswear and sports footwear on an international level. This study allows brands to calculate their market share, to verify and implement coherent marketing and investment strategies based on market sizes and trends measured in geographic zones, by sport and by product families whether footwear, apparel or hardware.

This study shows the evolution of the international and European boardsports markets in comparison with the international and European global sports markets.


Scope of products defining Board Sports

Water: Surfing, windsurfing, bodyboarding, wakeboarding, kiteboarding, skimboarding

Land: Skateboarding

Snow: Snowboarding

In footwear, the scope includes an estimate for the branded flip flop/thongs market.

We also include an estimate for the age group 12-34 market

  • For the ski market
  • For the multi –sport/ Sport styled segment. This segment covers all apparel, footwear and equipment which are sport styled but cannot be related to one sport specifically.


The data is made available only in value. Figures are sell-out (retail), not wholesale.


Sport market size, for the year 2014, in value only.

Trend against previous year, global and by regional area: Americas, Europe, Middle East & Africa together, Asia.

And for each of the following countries: Japan, China, South Korea, Taiwan, Australia, the United States, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Germany, France, United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, Russia, Sweden, the Netherlands.


Each individual sport is also broken out into 5 segments:

  • Apparel used for the sport
  • Apparel made for the sport and not used for it
  • Footwear used for the sport
  • Footwear made for the sport and not used for it
  • Equipment


Deliverables are:

  • An excel report with all the information summarized by country, by continent and for the world.
  • A Power Point presentation summarizing the key facts (25 pages).