With a strong expertise of the Fashion & Luxury sector, our e-SCM team supports brands in the digital transformation of their Supply Chain upstream to improve production management and ensure reliable delivery commitments.
e-SCM is an innovative solution featuring a connected supply chain, so as to mitigate risks, enhance the supplier partnership and structure the data management.
The e-SCM solution enhances the traceability of operations to improve brand performance and meet French and European regulations with the generation of the Digital Product Passport.
Our ambition is to support the transition towards more sustainable and responsible fashion.

Dirigeant : Patrick BOURG
Année de création : 2006
Nombre de salariés : 22

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Site web : https://e-scm-solutions.com/en
Tél. : +33 (0)5 54 81 07 18
E-mail : caroline.anziutti@belharra.fr
Adresse : E-SCM SOLUTIONS - 155, impasse Oihana, espace du golf - 64200 Bassussarry - France
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