Aymeric de Rorthays literally started out at “Au Vieux Campeur”. With his brother Ludovic, who runs the business with him (they are both officially the General Managers), from the moment they took their first steps, the boys spent countless hours tagging along with their father in Vieux Campeur locations, whether in shops in the Parisian Quartier Latin or travelling to trade shows both in France and across Europe, anywhere from Grenoble to Munich. So quite naturally, later on, it was an interesting and “fun” experience to work with suppliers who’d known them as boys. Jumping into work at the age of 16, Aymeric started out as a buyer in 2002 for a few years, while he was still in college. Then, shortly after graduating, he became General Manager.

“As General Manager of an atypical company, with even more atypical practices, my working methods tend to deviate from the norm and have often thrown off people we work with, whether internally or externally. I’m very much like our business: independent. My passion and dedication to the Outdoors stems directly from that love for freedom” he says.


About Au Vieux Campeur

Created in 1941 (though the name was only registered as a trademark in 2000 when the website was created), Au Vieux Campeur is the leading independent Outdoor brand/ label in Europe (and perhaps globally). It is also still a 100% family owned business. Au Vieux Campeur has locations in 11 French cities (Gap being the most recently inaugurated location after their corner at Printemps Haussman, both opened in 2020). The website, which remained informative for a long time, shifted to a commercial function quite late, but now represents 12% of the company’s total turnover (98% of sales recorded in France). One element that makes their online logistical system unique is that there is no dedicated warehouse. All products ordered online are prepared and shipped by the teams in the shops. Just like the website, the company joined social media only quite recently.

Albeit their late arrival to the party, they can quite comfortably state that their Instagram and Facebook pages are among the most followed in the field of Outdoor sports and both provide a genuine (and efficient) platform to communicate directly with their community.