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moodbird is a turnkey tool to animate the daily digital communications of outdoor sports brands by broadcasting content produced by their users. An interactive communication where sportsmen and women take the floor and transmit their experience by sharing their photos while identifying a partner brand. The partners can then validate the content that is relevant and in line with their image, and choose the broadcast media. The display of the users' photos instinctively adapts to the chosen format, whether it is for distribution via a newsletter, on screens in stores or during events, or even a web plug-in for distribution on our partners' websites.

moodbird offers a free, open-ended solution, with access to the main services of the tool in grey label, allowing to encourage the proximity of each sports entity with its community. For advanced features and white label use, discover our premium offer.

Manager : Lucie MILLET
Year of creation: 2017

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Tél. : +33 (0)7 67 16 37 91
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Adresse : 42 rue Tourneloup - 71000 Mâcon - France
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