Preparing board sports brand leaders for tomorrow's markets
Speaker : Florian AUGER

How to prepare companies to meet the needs of tomorrow's consumers in order to ensure their long-term competitiveness: behavioral theory, operational strategies and stories of key innovation projects.

Florian Auger, founder and design director of OUTERCRAFT, supports players in the sports, mobility and industry sectors in strengthening their positioning and creating new markets. His creative method, based on user research and rapid iteration of prototypes, helps to consolidate innovation strategies based on market evidence.

With 10 years' experience in the surf industry as a backshaper / sander for major international labels and various entrepreneurial projects, Florian looks to the industry to understand the keys to success for influential brands that excel in innovation.

OUTERCRAFT quickly made a name for itself, working on major projects for Decathlon, then on the rebranding and design of DAB Motors' electric motorcycle, which led to an exclusive collaboration with Burberry. The agency's clients include names such as Hermès, Millet, Rip Curl and Zodiac Nautic, and it also guides industrial giants such as Midea and Vaporesso towards forward-looking brand and product strategies.

Today, a key question is how to build a sustainable future through dynamic economic activity.