Community manager


The community manager is responsible for brining together Internet users around a common interest by managing and encouraging discussion and interaction around that interest, while ensuring that all rules of proper conduct are enforced within the community. The position also requires developing and managing online presence for the given entity (brand, association, game, product…).


– Developing and managing online presence of an entity within an online community – Ensuring and improving ties within that community and encouraging member interaction and participation – Communicating any contributions, opinions, feedback or suggestions from community members to management – Implementing any required technical improvements and/or updates – Ensuring online monitoring ofcompany reputation or outside perception


Skills/Know-how – Excellent knowledge, proficiency and understanding of social networks – Proficiency in collaborative tools and venues – Excellent understanding of how social networks work and are managed – Proficiency with reporting and activity tools – Proficiency in basic IT maintenance Profile – PR skills – Ability to quickly adapt to new IT and online technologies and/or Tools – Creative and intellectual/reflective – Ability to multitask – Ability to cope with stress


Business Degree/JEP Training/ Communications Degree/ Specialization in online communications